7 Reasons to Work on a Cruise Ship

You’ll live rent free.

You can probably get rid of your check book because you won’t need to pay rent, utilities, cable, or internet… ok, well, you will have to pay for internet (damn!)… but the rest is all FREE! Along with your salary will come a cozy, furnished cabin with everything you need to survive ShipLife. Most crew will even receive a free uniform, so no need to go shopping for new work clothes. The pay you’ll receive while working on board is often considerably lower than a similar job on land, but when you take into account all the freebies that are included, it’s actually quite easy to live a pretty luxurious lifestyle.

You’ll receive excellent training to help you in your career.

Crew members undergo an intense series of trainings that equip them with all the tools necessary for a successful career; both at sea, and in future endeavors. Some courses are mandatory for all crew members, while others focus specifically on your current position. There are also optional courses, such as language or business courses which typically include classroom-based sessions with an on board trainer, practical hands on exercises and/or computer based learning. Some cruise lines even have a library full of insightful books that crew members can borrow to learn more about goal setting, management techniques, professionalism and how to advance in the workplace. Most crew members will start at an entry level job, but there is always room for career growth opportunities. Taking advantage of the training offered on board will certainly lead to a prosperous and successful future.

You’ll get paid to  travel.

This is probably the biggest perk to the job. Now, don’t expect to go on thrilling adventures every day you’re in port… there is work to be done too! But within your first few months on board you can expect to have time off in port at least once a week, if not more. You should have plenty of time to visit each port on your itinerary. Plus, most ships will do a “crossing” between the months of April and May, and if you’re on board during that time you’ll be able to explore numerous exotic ports on multiple itineraries. Jackpot!

You’ll party… a lot!

Cruise ship crew have a saying, “Every night is Friday night”! After working long hours all day, you’re going to want to let loose and have some fun. The Crew Bar is open every night, and the drinks are cheap, like… really CHEAP. A mixed drink in the crew bar is typically less than $3, and a beer is about $1. It’s easy to understand why crew members can get carried away with drinking and partying while at sea. You’re surrounded by friends, who’ve become family, and most of them LOVE a good night out…every. single. night. At least once or twice a month most cruise lines offer Crew Parties. These nights are typically themed parties, with free drinks, hosted by one of the departments on board. Yes, it’s true, free drinks! So just case that $1 beer was just too much for you, now you can party for FREE. Just remember, there is another quote often said by crew: “Every morning is Monday morning”…

You’ll have a built in support system.

The crew members you live and work with are what makes a memorable experience on board. You’ll meet people from every corner of the globe, and by the end of your contract they’ll become your family. These are the people who will support you, and help you through any difficulties you may encounter. Whether you’re feeling homesick, depressed, angry or sad, there is always a shoulder to lean on. Even if you haven’t many friends on board yet, HR and upper management will make sure you have resources to depend on, no matter what you are going though.

You’ll get two+ months of vacation.

What will you do with all that time off? Many crew members go home to spend time with their families. Others enjoy traveling during their time off. During just one vacation you could go on a two week African safari, spend a few weeks at home AND study that language you’ve alway wanted to learn, in a faraway country, for an entire month! Just remember, this time is not paid, so you will need to budget.

You could find you future husband/wife.

If you’re single when you begin your career on a cruise ship, it is very likely that you could find “the one” while working on board. Since you spend most of your time in tight spaces, relationships bloom quite quickly among crew members. It’s the perfect place for a budding romance when you consider all the incredible places that cruise ships visit. Trying to think of a good place for your first date? How about horseback riding on the beach? Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea? A picnic in the hills of Norway? Zip lining in the jungles of Costa Rica? There are endless possibilities. Plus, these types of “first dates” can even be completely free when you sign up as a shore excursion escort, or become friends with the Shore Excursion staff!



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